New Products at RBS

New Products at RBS We are pleased to announce the introduction of some great new products to RBS. These new product lines will please designers, home owners, and builders who care about quality, workmanship, and the emerging trend of Passive House building standards. RBS now offers exterior and interior membranes and tapes from Siga Cover, aluminum frame and a range of insert panels from Element Designs, and bling for the bathroom with accessories from Kartners. Kartners Bathroom Accessories At Kartners we are committed to excellence and committed to providing you with the highest quality brass constructed modern bathroom accessories which deliver beauty, reliability and endurance for years to come. Showcase your bathroom with our finely crafted accessories. Kartners bathroom accessories give not only a sense of luxury to your home but also bring BLING to your bathroom. We are very proud to offer to you our fine European Modern and Contemporary designed bathroom accessories. We are dedicated to providing you with a world class product and we are available to assist you with all your design and technical needs For more information on the range of bathroom and other hardware from Kartners, visit the Kartners webpage or drop in to the RBS showroom and speak with one of our sales consultants.
spotlight - emtek bath products
Element Designs RBS is pleased to provide a unique line of designer sliding door products from Element Designs. Their range of aluminum frame profiles come in a variety of finishes, providing endless design possibilities when combined with the numerous selection of glass, 3form and custom insert options. These sliding door systems are the perfect addition to closets, pantries, and office designs. The sliding doors are custom manufactured to 1/16″ and arrive with hardware pre-installed (if applicable) and sliding door rails and tracks cut to your desired length. The custom sliding doors can be fully customized with your choice of profile and insert options or PARAPAN colors to coordinate with any interior. For more information on the range of aluminum sliding door profiles, finishes, and door inserts from Element Designs, visit the Element Designs webpage or drop in to the RBS showroom and speak with one of our sales consultants.  
spotlight - Element Designs
Siga Cover For contractors seeking to build to Passive House standards or equivalencies, RBS is offering a range of products from Siga Cover, a Swiss company with North American distribution. Siga Cover provides a robust mix of exterior membranes and tapes to make the building shell watertight, and interior vapour layers and tapes to make rooms airtight. About Siga Man-made climate change does not stop as long as the heating and cooling of buildings account for 50% of the world’s energy consumption. Siga Vision We strive for a world of zero energy loss buildings. Siga Mission SIGA develops and manufactures high-performance, nontoxic adhesives, tapes and membranes for creating airtight building envelopes. How an airtight building envelope serves you: You increase your comfort and health: The room temperature in your building stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In addition, street noise and pollution do not infiltrate your building. You save money: You reduce your building’s energy consumption for heating and cooling. You protect your investment: Your building is permanently protected from wind, rain, snow, insects, condensation, and mold. You increase your energy efficiency: Your building contributes to climate and environmental protection. You transform your home into a high performance building, ultimately resulting in a lower degree of energy dependence.